Book of Mediterranean Trees, Shrubs and Climbers


Schinus molle  Peruvian pepper, Peruvian Mastic Tree
Family Anacardiaceae
Genus Schinus    
Species molle   
Properties tree
Schinus molle (Peruvian pepper , also known as American pepper, Peruvian peppertree, escobilla, false pepper, molle del Peru, pepper tree, peppercorn tree, Californian pepper tree, pirul and Peruvian mastic) is an evergreen tree that grows to 15 meters (50 feet). It is native to the Peruvian Andes. The bright pink fruits of Schinus molle are often sold as "pink peppercorns" although S. molle is unrelated to true pepper (Piper nigrum). The tree is host to Bombycomorpha bifascia, known as the Pepper-tree moth.
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