Book of Mediterranean Trees, Shrubs and Climbers


Pulmeria rubra  Frangipani
Family Apocynaceae
Genus Pulmeria    
Species rubra  [ROO-bra]  L. red after the autumnal leaves
Properties shrub
Plumeria rubra is a deciduous plant species belonging to the genus Plumeria.[3] Originally native to Mexico, Central America, Colombia and Venezuela, it has been widely cultivated in subtropical and tropical climates worldwide and is a popular garden and park plant, as well as being used in temples and cemeteries. It grows as a spreading tree to 7–8 m (23–26 ft) high and wide, and is flushed with fragrant flowers of shades of pink, white and yellow over the summer and autumn. Its common names include frangipani, red paucipan, red-jasmine, red frangipani, common frangipani, temple tree, or simply plumeria.
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