Book of Mediterranean Trees, Shrubs and Climbers


Abies pinsapo  Spanish Fir
Family Pinaceae
Genus Abies  [A-beez]  ancient L. name, possibly from L. abeo depart, i.e. from the ground, referring to the great height attained by some species.(1)
Species pinsapo   possibly from Spanish pino meaning pine and sapo meaning fir being a fir in the pine family
Properties tree evergreen coniferous
Abies pinsapo (Spanish fir) is a species of fir native to southern Spain and northern Morocco. Related to other species of Mediterranean firs, it is considered the Andalusian National Tree, and is native to the Andalusian mountains. In Spain, it appears at altitudes of 900–1,800 metres (3,000–5,900 ft) in the Sierra de Grazalema in the province of Cádiz and the Sierra de las Nieves and Sierra Bermeja, both near Ronda in the province of Málaga. In Morocco, it is limited to the Rif Mountains at altitudes of 1,400–2,100 metres (4,600–6,900 ft) on Jebel Tissouka and Jebel Tazaot.
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