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Generated Points




Number of sides
Random variation +/- %

Nested Polygons

Number of sides
Random variation +/- %
Number of iterations
Attachment proportion (0 - 1)

Triangular Mesh


Quad Mesh

Size Width   Height   Border

Star Mesh

Computes intersections of lines from vertex i to vertex i + 2 to create a graph solved by Hierholzer
Size sides   random pc   Border

Simple Star

Connecting vertex i to vertex i + (side separation) - complete if sides and side_separation are relatively prime or
use Hierholzer to make a fully connected star
Size sides   side separation   random pc   Border   fully connected (if sides odd)


Connecting vertex i to vertex 2*i mod sides - complete if sides is a primitive root of 2 see Sequence A167791
Size sides   Border


Path step size degrees. required steps per segment computed steps per segment
Grid Form Columns rows radius separation
Polygon Form #sides polygon radius circle separation inscribed circle inscribed radius
Specified form #n circles
Circle 1 radius centre
Circle 2 radius centre
Circle 3 radius centre
Circle 4 radius centre
Circle 5 radius centre
Circle 6 radius centre

Knight's tour

size n - board is n x n   Border
Tour an array of arrays of order position in the tour


Perimeter - Polygon sides   sides per strut
Outer Radius
inner inset