Family Relationships

The family album site really needs generalized deduction. The deductions about dates and ages are hand coded:

deduce the date of the photo:

photo.deduceddate =
{ some subject s | s.birthday and photo.s.age | s.birthday + photo.s.age},

deduce the age of the subjects:

all s: subject |
s.deducedage = (photo.s.age, photo.deduceddate + s.deducedage)[1]

One neat trick would be to calculate relative relationships: if the viewer is x and the subject is s then what is s to x ( great great grand uncle or even the more verbose - your father's father's father's brother)

This calls for a Prolog engine perhaps

Possibilities include

  • PyLog a Prolog translater for Python
  • A number of Prolog engines listed here but this looks very old.
Or RDF and Jena?
[sites which are undated are just terrible - I must remember that on my own site]