Exist NDX web server

Paul has generously provided me with space on his server to install exist in its Jetty configuration. This provides me with an external site which I can use with GoogleMaps. So far I've been putting up the family history site.

Developing on this site is much more immediate that with my typical FTP enabled site. With the Java client, I can work directly on the database , editing code, uploading scripts and photos and executing test queries. There is also a rather safer web interface. Great for rapid development. I was working on improving the XSLT and looking at the problem of aliases (maiden names usually) . I'm so used to using the oh-so-useful generalised = in Xquery that I forgot that Xalan is still on XSLT 1.0 with XPath 1.0, whereas XQuery uses XPath 2.0. This generalisation is the main difference to hit me but its so useful and a pain to have to replace with the inferior contains(). In fact I'm really struggling with alias still.

One idea is to develop this family history with my brother Richard and my nephew, Reddyn, in New Zealand, who I have sadly neglected. Here we could all work together in a very Web 2.0 collaboration. Hope they run with the idea.