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Truncated Cube

Groups dmccooeyArchimedean
Coordinates In Document mccooeyCoordinates.xml
Dual TetrakisOctahedron
Conway Formulae
3D models
Vertices 24 : 24 order 3
Faces 14 : 6 order 88 order 3
Edges (via Euler) 36
Coordinate Source
Coordinates 24 Vertices and 14 Faces
Conway Formula Simple Canonical True Canonical
Skew (degrees) Alpha Beta
Vertex scaling X Y Z
Vertex spherical modulation r is radial distance, theta is polar angle (0.180), phi is azimuth (0..360)
Place on largest face Yes No
Catmull-Clark smoothing number of iterations
Overall Scale
Solid Vertex Radius Sides (Hull construction)
Wire frame Edge Radius Vertex Radius # Sides
Solid faces: Face thickness   include faces:
Open Faces Depth Outer inset ratio Inner inset ratio Open Faces (default all)
Net Line Thickness Closeness : 0 flat,1 folded
Tab height - proportion of edge length (0 = no tab) Numbered faces Yes No