Circe : Data and derived properties

Circe is a Greek goddess and magician who turned enemies into animals. In this incarnation, Circe transforms raw data into derived data and URIs to relevant web pages. Circe currently includes only a few basic transformations and templates. Location data in the UK are quite well covered, including now postcodes thanks to the work of Stuart Harrison, Chris Taggart and the folks at MySociety. You can now get from an IP address to a Westminster Constituency!



  • Alpha version not for general use and subject to change
  • Execution times depends on the responses form a number of web services - please be patient
  • Some service links may be dead - please let me know if you find any bad links
  • No API to accept and return RDF and XML
  • No attempt to deduce the copyright applicable to the derived data from the copyright of each source used.( A formal logic for copyright license would be neat.)


Select from the type hierarchy (requires SVG)
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Kit Wallace