Ways of Seeing Illustrated


I can't seem to get into the book. Where do I start?
You can click on the title "Ways of Seeing" on the home page which takes you to a page about the book , then click on a Section to go to the first page and then page through.
But there is no text?
The text is copyright so I haven't been able to convert that. The paintings are out of copyright so no problems with them.
Is there a good sample page?
Try Page 63 for a couple of nice nudes
How do I edit the database?
You need to login first via Login on the home page. Login with your email address. When logged in, the Edit button will be shown in the menu when viewing a painting,artist or location. You can change data values by editing the form and then Update. The database will be updated and the new data shown.
Whats the password?
That would be telling. Only reading group members know.
If I login and then go away for a short time, editing doesn't work
The logout time is quite short at the moment. Until this is fixed, just login again.
How do I know what each property of a painting, artist or location means?
Placing the cursor over the property label in the edit form will reveal a description of that property.
If I make a mistake, can I undo the change?
Sadly no. There is no history of updates as there is in say Wikipedia. Only the current value of each property, with its editor attribution, is kept.
How do I find which paintings need a image?
The list of Paintings is annotated to show which have images.
How can I add a link to an online image of a painting?
Find a painting and go to Edit. There are links to searches in Google, Google Images, Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons which can be used to locate a suitable image. Check that the image is accessible as a separate JPEG by viewing the image alone. When you find one, copy the URL to the image field in the form and update. In cases where there are several possible painting with the same name, you will need to check with a copy of the book.
Whats the difference between Illustration and Painting?
Illustrations define how a Painting is used on a page of a book, Paintings describe the work of art.
What makes a good online image?
A good image is clear, good colors, no watermark, medium size from a reputable site. Choose one from Wikimedia Commons where possible. The 500px resolution image is good for the basic image, Full resolution for the hi-res image.
I can't find a well known painting in Wikimedia Commons
The titles in Wikimedia Commons is the original title, usually in the language of the artist. Try searching for the Artist alone.
What sites should I avoid?
Sites which provide only dynamic links : http://www.lib-art.com;
Can I change a painting's image if I find a better one?
Yes, just replace the old URL with a new one.
Why are some property labels prefixed with "/"
These properties, like the age of an artist, are computed from other properties and can't be directly edited.
I think we should add additional properties, such as the size of a painting. Is this possible?
On this site we can simple change the description of the database, called a data model.
What is the data model used in this database?
This application is guided by a model - Basic diagram , Detailed diagram and HTML