5. Multiple tables

Worksheet Overview

Aim: To combine data from several tables.


1. Demo: List the contents of two tables
2. Demo: Use the WHERE clause with two tables.
3. Task: List the employee names and the location of their department.
4. Demo: Restrict the rows displayed
5. Task: List the employees who earn over 1000 per month with their department names.
6. Task: List every employee with every salary range
7. Task: List every employee by name with their monthly salary and salary grade.
8. Demo: Table aliases - 1.
9. Demo: Table aliases - 2.
10. Demo: Table aliases - 3.
11. Task: Show the employee name and manager name for all employees in department 20.
12. Demo: Related data in more than two tables.
13. Task: Show the employee name, the manager name and the manager's department name.
14. Task: Show the employee name, manager name and the department names of both.
15. Task: Do managers manage staff in different department?
16. Read: Worksheet Completed

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