Development projects

eXist Documentation - material on EC2

  • connect with the team  - inputs but precious little in the way of response
  • prototype user contributions
  • prototype the RDF-based knowledge - Turtle to RDF and XML triples + browser
  • extend the turtle code - need better vocab for describing software components and relationships

Family History

  • Finish prototype
  • Finish blog article
  • Re- contact Jane on historypie - strangely silent
  • Include the Taverner 'turtle' file


  • Finish and package Punch code
  • write up the fragment code
  • implement the XQuery pipeline and transformation


Richmond - Chris Kemp

  • element search
  • module cleanup
  • war history 
  • bill at end Jan - 10 hours as of  Wed 20

Transformation in XQuery

  • rewrite the first part of the article 
  • write blog entry
  • new section on transformation idioms


Library for XQuery modules and code


Water quality  - before the meeting on Monday

  • Move to EC2
  • Finish write up
  • hide-show the static map
  • merge the events
  • handle value changes
  • links in
  • move code to module
  • contact Steven and Sarah
  • contact Environment and Sustainability Unit  - Andrew
  • contact Jam Longhurst
  • add Javascript map 
  • update journalism site with needs of weather
  • contact Andy Tubb, Lorenzo Giusta and Tim Chatterton (weather)

SW regional Observatory

  • feedback
  • blog


  • write about experiences setting it up
  • startup exist on reboot


  • get wavetable based synthesis working
  • write up in next blog article


  • Remind Tarim that I could help with the blogs
  • offer help in move
  • work on the proposal for Knowle - with Mic Reiser ?
  • work on website Tarim to provide access
  • learn Wordpress
  • hackspace inventory


  • Contact Renee Midrack again


  • document the GoogleMap/ NOAA tides application

Mark Ashdown

  • get the Ogden material together
  • meetup

Will Parker

  • meet for a chat


  • write up strategy
  • publish some tools


  • finish V2 browser
  • decide on design for editor
  • need editor for the reference tables

Air Quality

  • write up review of meeting in blog