Adding the Cabinet

Just transformed the relevant parts of the Guardian Datastore spreadsheet to XML and hence RDF to add the Cabinet to the Election dataset. 

Parsing was made difficult by the ambiguous use of the comma - both to separate multiple roles : Prime minister, First lord of the treasury,  Minister for the civil service  and as part of the full role name : Secretary of state, Defence. Not very helpful that.

[arrrgh - and there I go and do exactly the same thing in constructing my local names, using comma to separate the name from the role - Dunce!]

I also hit on the presence of members of the House of Lords, so that Assembly needs to be added too.  But what to call them?  I've gone for a natural name in the URI construction so Lord Strathclyde doesn't seem right here. I think he should be just Thomas Strathclyde as a person with the Lord Strathclyde being his local name in the House of Lords - tricky waters here!