140 Top Tech twitterers according to TechRepublic - guess where 137 of them are?

Somehow I'm on TechRepublic's mailing list.  A blog entry lists the top 140 tech experts on Twitter. There seemed to be a lot of Americans there, so I thought I'd find out.

  • 1.  Extract the list from the blog HTML and cache in the database
  • 2.  Parse the entries in the list, and for each:
  • 2.1 Use the twitter address to fetch the home page (at 01:00 UTC on 9th March)
    2.2 Parse the page to get the location and numbers of followers and following .
    2.3 Use Google Geocoder API to convert the location to lat / long
    2.4 Store in the database

Yep, all but 3 in the USA

Only UK name I recognise : Jack Schofield (#100)

Guy Kawasaki follows the most (240,262)

Pete Cashmore is most followed (1,972,609)



Nice mashup!