Excel to SVG with XSLT - up with XSLT, down with XQuery :)

Taking up the pipeline idea, I rewote the fire application to use a sequence of XSLT transformations.  XQuery now just glues them together.

This uses 3 XSLT scripts:

  1. output to data
  2. data to graph
  3. graph to svg

      declare option exist:serialize "method=xhtml media-type=application/xhtml+xml omit-xml-declaration=no indent=yes 
              doctype-public=-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN
       let $xml :=  doc("")
       let $data := transform:transform(
                           , doc("/db/Wiki/graph2svg/xsl2fire.xsl")
                           ,( ))  
      let $graph := transform:transform(
                         , doc("/db/Wiki/graph2svg/fires.xsl")
                         , ())
      let $svg := transform:transform(
                         , doc("/db/Wiki/graph2svg/xmsgr2svg.xsl")  
                         ,() )
      <html xmlns="" 
          <title>Fires in the UK</title>
          <h1>Fires in the UK</h1>


      The steps create intermediate documents - easier for testing than nesting the transformations.

      My next task is to replace the XQuery script with an XProc pipeline.