More Google mashups

More play with map-based mashups. This evening, using programmableweb's listing , I found Flash Earth, a Google Earth mashup. Here's the link to a narrow siq in the Wadi Rum area in Jordan, one of several with old inscriptions carved in the sandstone.

This memory game is a neat idea, using yahoo images to populate a layout of images to play pairs (or memory).

But my favourite is Community Walk Last night I started to create a walk around the university campus - just a single, rather bland view of our building - perhaps this is not such a good idea if we want to attract students. Later I started one for our trip to Jordan. Just three photos uploaded at present, and I'm uncertain about the location of one of these - I can''t seem to find the location of Petra. I do wish I'd keep the GPS data since I had the Garmin with me to check heights and distances, but at that time, the advantages of geo-coding photographs just hadn't occured to me. Maybe a student project to make a camera and GPS lashup. What would be really nice would be to add a fluxgate compass too, so the photo is coded with the direction in which the camera was pointing as well.

Just found another UK mashup of all UK schools It shows the location of all UK schools, locates the nearest 20 to a specified location, highlights the marker from a list of school names and their Ofsted rating (at least for Independent Schools).

Finally on this bit of research, located Barry Hunter's work on at which offers a REST interface for conversion between a range of different coordinate systems, e.g. Postcode to Lat/long. Will be very handy for the FamilyHistory mashup, although the postcode is only down to sector level - not enough accuracy for this application, and I suppose there's not much extra work in hand-coding this number of locations.