Beginning 3D design



  1. A name tag PDF Learn about: BlocksCAD's Interface; cubes and cylinders; Difference; Translate
  2. An Olympic Symbol PDF Learn about: modules; looping; expressions; rotate; tests ; modules with inputs
  3. A Coin Trap PDF Learn about: Variables, measurement, fitting objects together (needs alteration to be easily printable)
  4. A Cup PDF Learn about: Making a real 3D object Difference, Union, Rotate [reworking this BlocksCAD tutorial
  5. Boxes,lids and bookcasesPDF Learn about: Modules, reuse, Loops, scaling
  6. TablesPDF Learn about : nested loops, Sides block

BlocksCAD modules

Open and download a choosen module. Then Project/Import blocks into Current Project to add to a project.

Saved BlocksCAD projects

Open and download a chosen project. Then Project/Load Blocks from your Computer to create a copy of the project
Chris Wallace Nov 2015